Learn about the sacred art of smudging and join us for a night of mediation! 

After rushing around like busy bees all week, it's important that our soul is filled with good vibes and good energy. Modern Terrarium Bar is so excited to introduce you to our BOTANICAL SMUDGE STICK & SMUDGE 101 WORKSHOP! This workshop, we are learning all about energy cleansing, and how to create your very own botanical sage stick. At the end of the night you’ll be leaving our store with a BEAUTIFUL BOTANICAL SMUDGE STICK! During this workshop, you will get a knowledge of what smudging is, why you want to smudge, when to smudge, and how to do it. Sweet friend, Angie from Topanga Window will show you how and gives a 101 on smudging.

All the materials will be provided for creating smudge wand:

  • sage stick

  • palo santo

  • crystal (Rose quartz)

  • embroidery thread

  • dried flowers

  • feathers

  • charm

  • ribbons

  • Light refreshments

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Photo by  Dayna Studios  @daynastudios

Photo by Dayna Studios @daynastudios

Stay tuned for more details about our next Brush Calligraphy Workshop

Need to make your Valentine’s Day cards extra special this year? Join us for a creative Sunday morning learning how to do brush lettering with NYC calligrapher, Nikky Enterline. 

She will teach you the basic strokes and alphabet using both faux and brush calligraphy. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to create words and phrases to letter on cards, gift tags, and anywhere you please! You will also receive materials to continue practicing and creating at home. All levels are welcome, and good handwriting is not required! We’re drawing, not writing!

All of following materials and sale tax are included in the ticket price:

  • Classic 08 Pen, White

  • Fudenosuke Brush Pen, Black

  • DotPad Notepad

  • 4-page guide sheet

  • Pre-cut valentine’s day hearts

  • Light Refreshments

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Macrame Workshop - Coming soon

Join us for a night of fun with Terra & Twine’s, Melissa Taylor. She will teach you how to create your own macramé wall decor! At the end of the night you’ll be leaving our store with a masterpiece to hang in your home. 

Never done something like this before? No worries! These are entry level macramé skills that are being taught. There’s no experience needed. It’s the perfect night out to spend with your girlfriends after a stressful day at work. Unwind in our space and let the creativity flow. Refreshments will be served. If you’d like to bring your own refreshment you’re more than welcome to do so.

Ticketed price of $60(including tax) per person includes the following:

  • High quality cord

  • Natural tree branches

  • Light refreshments & 15% off any in-store purchase


How can you join in the fun at one of our Terrarium Building Workshops?

When you come to build your own terrarium we provide all the basic materials and instruction.  Terrarium building workshop runs all day long from TUE - SUN, groups of 5 or less (weekday special: $29/person see below info FYI)

~You do not need an appointment! Come in anytime we are open. 


~We pride ourselves in matching our customers with the perfect plant, detail instructions and offering expert advice on care and maintenance. 

Due to limited spacing, groups of 6 or More – Yes, please call us to reserve a time and date. 

Modern Terrarium Bar is the perfect place for:
Girls Night Out
Birthday Parties (Adult or Youth)
Date Night
Bachelorette Parties
Team Building Events
Corporate Events & More!

Call us today to book your next party!  And, check our IG and Facebook page @modernterrariumbar for upcoming events and promotions.

Weekday Special Terrarium Building workshop: $29 per person

TUE ~ THU 11:30 / 12:30 / 1:30 / 2:30 / 3:30 / 4:30

Are you looking for a fun activity? Or, why not make a date with your kid! Swing by after that movie or lunch and come build a beautiful terrarium! We will provide you all of the basic materials: color sand, succulent, moss, etc, and personal instruction. 

Book now!  Each terrarium takes approximately 40 mins to an hour to build.

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Embroidery Workshop coming soon..


Come and join us for an evening of embroidery! Using needle and thread, students will learn how to apply basic embroidery stitches to a customizable succulent pattern. No prior experience is needed. Students will leave with a finished stitching sampler, an embroidered piece of art (ready to hang on the wall!), and all the materials needed to further practice their craft. Refreshments provided!

This workshop is taught by local Queens artist, Soraya Navia.

Embroidery Workshop Materials:


• Embroidery Snips

• 4” Wooden Hoop

• 100% Cotton Fabric

• Embroidery Needle

• DMC Thread

• Needle Threaders

• Sampler Pattern

• Customizable Pattern

Beginner Crystals/Crystal Grids + Mini Crystal Terrarium Workshop

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Ticketed price of $60 per person also includes:

  • Mini glass container or glass bottle to build your mini Crystal Terrarium

  • Pair of crystals: Clear Quartz, Amethyst or Rose Quartz

  • Pair of Protection Crystal: Selenite & Black Tourmaline

  • Color Sand & Moss

  • Dried Rose Petals, Lavender and calendula

  • Light refreshments & 15% off any in-store Purchase

Crystals have been used for centuries to help clear, balance, and raise the vibration of the intended person. 

Just as they can aid a person, they are able to transmute the energy of a space, while creating a beautiful intention filled visual. 

This among other reasons (that we will touch on) is why pairing crystals in the calming eye pleasing home of a terrarium have become so popular. 

In this workshop, you will not only learn how to choose, clear, and charge crystals to be housed in your mini crystal terrarium, but also understand why you are drawn to certain crystals or their colors more than others. 


We will talk about crystal grids and how intentional placement of stones in a geometric pattern can create an energy more powerful than using a single crystal, and how to properly set a grid in your space. And of course, we will round out the session with where they may be best placed in your home or office to receive the highest energy vibration benefits, and send you off with a pair of Protection crystals in a pouch to start your collection. 

Spots are limited so book now to reserve your seat.

image1 (7).jpeg
Protection Pair.png

Design your own succulents Inspired stationery watercolor paint Workshop Coming in soon! 


Hey, crafy lovers!

Join us for a colorful succulent inspired watercolor paint workshop! Hand-painted greeting cards, just in time for Father's Day and graduation season!  Working with local artist Katie Hillman, design and paint a series of unique greeting cards inspired by the plants of Modern Terrarium Bar. Trust us, no previous experience is necessary! It's going to be an awesome night! 

Price includes the following: 

  • Painting lesson  

  • A set of cards and envelopes, to be customized by the participant

  • 5 x 7 Frame (to turn your card into a framed work of art!)

  • A succulent of your very own to take home (gift box and gift wrap available) 

Light refreshments & 10% off any in-store purchase.

*The workshop must reach a minimum of 6 participants in order to run.  

All sales are final!