Beginner Crystals/Crystal Grids + Mini Crystal Terrarium Workshop

Beginner Crystals/Crystal Grids + Mini Crystal Terrarium Workshop


Join us for an evening of creating together! This will be an entry level macrame workshop, no past experience needed.

You will learn the basic functions for macrame, get an idea of what it takes to plan a design, and learn the fundamental macrame knots!

You will be given a booklet with step-by-step images and instructions on how to complete the knots. This booklet is yours to keep!

All supplies are included in your ticket price.

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Crystals have been used for centuries to help clear, balance, and raise the vibration of the intended person. 

Just as they can aid a person, they are able to transmute the energy of a space, while creating a beautiful intention filled visual. 

This among other reasons (that we will touch on) is why pairing crystals in the calming eye pleasing home of a terrarium have become so popular. 

In this workshop, you will not only learn how to choose, clear, and charge crystals to be housed in your mini crystal terrarium, but also understand why you are drawn to certain crystals or their colors more than others. 

We will talk about crystal grids and how intentional placement of stones in a geometric pattern can create an energy more powerful than using a single crystal, and how to properly set a grid in your space. And of course, we will round out the session with where they may be best placed in your home or office to receive the highest energy vibration benefits, and send you off with a pair of Protection crystals in a pouch to start your collection. 

Spots are limited so book now to reserve your seat.

Ticketed price of $65 (including tax) per person also includes:

  • Mini glass container (photo coming soon)

  • pair of crystals (Clear Quartz,Amethyst or Rose Quartz)

  • Pair of Protection crystal: Selenite & Black Tourmaline

  • Color Moss

  • Natural play sand

  • Light refreshments & 15% off any in-store purchase.