Creating Time Capsules Through the Art of Insightful Writing Workshop 3/24 10 am ~ 12 pm

Creating Time Capsules Through the Art of Insightful Writing Workshop 3/24 10 am ~ 12 pm

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Have you ever created a time capsule or memory box? Often times when we think of these things, we remember our childhood or adolescent years. We would save old photos, concert ticket stubs, letters, and precious mementos that we would open at a later date to see how much life has changed for us. 

In this workshop we will focus on the element of time, movement and growth. Through the old art of letter writing, participants will be asked to look at their life through the lens of time: their past, present and future. We will be writing three letters and placing them in glass vessels that you design with your choice of dried flowers, lavender, feathers, seeds, or personal items of your choosing. 

These letters can be addressed to yourself in the past as a child or teenager; to your current self and the life you are now living; and to the future you in a year, five years or ten years from now to be opened at a date of your choosing.

This exercise is also great for those who are engaged or who are expecting a baby, as these letters can be gifts for your significant other or your future child.

This writing practice is reflective, restorative and regenerative.Through delving into the practice of insightful and intentional writing, participants will get to the heart of what matters most in their lives. You'll share your stories with others, connect to a deeper sense of self and create relationships with other workshop participants.

Light refreshments will be served and soul connections will be made.

Workshop materials:

  • Stationary and pen

  • Branch

  • Three glass vessels

  • Dried flowers and feathers